Computer Science Engineering

Computer Science Engineering Introduction

Welcome to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Capital Engineering College.
The Department of Computer Science & Engineering was established in the year 2010. The
department runs one undergraduate programme leading to a bachelor's of technology (B. Tech)
degree in Computer Science & Engineering. The department lays stress on the application based
aspects through laboratories, seminars, group discussions, viva-voce and project work, keeping
pace with the growth in Computer Technology. The Department of Computer Science and
Engineering embodies the Institute's tradition of excellence as a world-class leader in computer
science and engineering education and research. CSE is in a period of exciting growth and
opportunity. In the current ever evolving industrial scenario contents delivered to the students are
regularly updated by the faculty members who have themselves been at the helm of path
breaking research and innovations In addition to academic work, the CSE department also has
computer science research programmes.