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Welcome to the Department of Computer Science & Engineering, Capital Engineering College.The Department of Computer Science & Engineering was established in the year 2010. The department runs one undergraduate programmer leading to a bachelor's of technology (B. Tech) degree in Computer Science & Engineering. The department lays stress on the application based aspects through laboratories, seminars, group discussions, viva-voice and project work, keeping pace with the growth in Computer Technology. The Department of Computer Science and Engineering embodies the Institute's tradition of excellence as a world-class leader in computer science and engineering education and research. Computer Science Engineering is in a period of exciting growth and opportunity. In the current ever evolving industrial scenario contents delivered to the students are regularly updated by the faculty members who have themselves been at the helm of path breaking research and innovations In addition to academic work, the Computer Science Engineering Department also has computer science research programs.


Why Computer Science ?

Computing and computer technology are part of our every day to day activities, from the cars we drive to the movies we watch and to the many ways we all interact with each other.In Today's world every body wants that , their works are done very fast , for this we always depend on Computer. Understanding the many facets of computing is a necessary skill for any educated person in the 21st century. Whether you want to create the next hot application or simply need to map your next big idea for the boss, studying computing will give you a competitive edge, the ability to solve complex problems and a career that will never be obsolete.To keep your career on the cutting edge and marketable in any business environment, the field of Compute Science & Engineering is the only choice.

HOD's Message


 Welcome to Department of Computer Science Engineering at CEC.

       I am really thankful to the Department of Computer Science of CEC for giving me an opportunity to wrote this welcome message.

The Department of Computer Science & Engineering (CSE) is a place where future leaders learn to design technology that solves problems and improves lives. The department is recognized as one of the top computing programs in India. We have passionate faculty, exciting research, great job prospects for our students, and a supportive community.

Computers are the most flexible and powerful machines ever created. And while the field of computing constantly grows and changes, the core magic of CSE remains timeless: students educated here build solutions for various problems which supports the society to bring a great change in the world.

Our department believes in continuous learning. Our teaching-learning approach is joined with practical experience gained during Industrial Training in reputed organizations. We prepare our students to handle the challenges created by the modern job sector. We offer problem-solving techniques. Our CSE department offers modern teaching technology and methodologies helping the students to keep aware of the latest trends on the worldwide with updated infrastructure in tune with emerging technologies and future requirements.

       Academic results of our students are really remarkable. Most of our alumni found employment in highly reputed companies in India and abroad. Also A major numbers of students have gone for higher studies in India and abroad. Our department has remained true to the vision on which it was founded.

       Again thank you very much and all the very best for your future endeavour.

Mrs. Purnya Prava Nayak

HOD in Computer Science Engineering Department